Valet Parking


Corporate Office Buildings

Our parking and valet services have been providing superb parking logistics to corporate office buildings for over 25 years. Many highly populated corporate buildings in Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach use our professional team to allocate and conserve parking for their employees and prominent business guests and partners.


Hospitals & Medical Offices

We provide service with a heart. When arriving at a hospital or medical office, our staff is equipped, friendly, discreet and sensitive to each and every individual that we serve. The last thing a customer needs to think about during these times is parking. Let us accommodate your needs and help make a difficult time that much simpler.


Private Parties

Bring your private party to the next level with Asta Parking. Upon their first arrival, your private party guests will be impressed when they are greeted by our friendly staff. Become the ultimate host by transforming your party into an extremely thoughtful event that shows how important your guests are. Let our pro staff take care of the logistics so you can focus on the entertaining.


Entertainment Venues

Sold out concerts, packed nightclubs, light shows, theaters, comedy clubs and more. Accommodate your guests upon first arrival at any professional entertainment venue. Our staff is equipped, prepared and experienced in handling the “mob” from the beginning to the end of any show.


Hotels & Hospitality

Asta Parking offers unparalleled customer first service for every type of establishment. We have worked with many hotels in South Florida and we understand the fast paced logistics of the hotel industry. Our specially trained staff quickly moves and transitions vehicles to accommodate the needs of each and every guest every time. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and, most importantly, hospitable.



Raise the bar for your restaurant. Our experienced staff is perfectly equipped to make your guests first impression of your restaurant priceless. Bring the best valet parking service in South Florida to your restaurant and elevate your image and your customer’s experience.


Parking Garages & Surface Lots

Asta treats your vehicles like our own so leave the maneuverability to us. Our staff has the experience and the confidence to navigate any vehicles, no matter the size, into the tightest of spaces in a parking garage or parking lot. We are in command when it comes to the logistics for large functions.


Residential Properties

Home, apartment or condo. We service all residential communities. We have over 25 years of experience providing full valet services to South Florida’s residential properties. We have perfected the process for parking in condominiums, high-rises, apartment complexes and private homes.


Social Facilities

We provide visitors with professional and courteous valet parking services for all social facilities and functions. Whether accommodating a wedding, business function, trade fair or conference, Asta Parking makes every function more organized, more professional and enjoyable.

About Asta Parking

Professional and Trustworthy Employees, An Eye For Detail, The Right Management

At Asta, we take great pride in setting ourselves apart and understand that attention to the small details not only conveys confidence from our customers but also gives us our unparalleled level of professionalism.

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