Private Event Valet

Private Parking and Valet Services

Solve issues and add elegance to any event.

  • Private Parties

    If you are hosting a party or private event, you want everything to be perfect, to go off without a hitch. And if you have an extensive, impressive guest list, parking can be a headache. Too many cars, not enough room. Worried about your guests getting towed?

  • Solve Issues

    With private party valet services we take care of your guests, their cars and the parking dilemma. You never have to worry about how they are treated, with reputable associates handling the actual parking of the cars. ASTA Parking runs background checks on all associates and holds them to the highest standards and requirements.

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    Many people don’t consider these services because they may seem ancillary at first. However, it isn’t until cars get ticketed or towed that you as the Host realize the importance. Call our helpful staff who have planned hundreds of parties and upscale events. We can guide you through making the right decision for your party,

  • Residential Properties

    We have perfected the process for parking in condominiums, high-rises, apartment complexes and private homes.

  • Entertainment Venues

    Our staff is equipped, prepared and experienced in handling the “mob” from the beginning to the end of any show.

  • Restaurants

    Our experienced staff is perfectly equipped to make your guests’ first impression of your private party at a restaurant unforgettable.

  • Social Facilities

    Whether accommodating a wedding, business function, trade fair or conference, Asta Parking makes every function more organized, more professional and enjoyable.

Our highly qualified staff is the key ingredient to our long-term success; and we are proud that many of our team members have been with us for over 10 years.

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Trust Your Car to the Professionals

Asta treats your vehicle like our own, so leave the maneuverability to us. Our staff has the experience and the confidence to navigate any vehicle—no matter the size—into the tightest of spaces in a parking garage or lot. We are in command when it comes to the logistics for large functions. Simply put, we get your vehicle in and out fast, safely and professionally, above ground and below.